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We find that too many people struggle to get a grasp on how to improve themselves when it comes to pain and function.  They either do too much too soon or they handicap themselves by not doing anything at all.  Whether you are a high school athlete, a cross fit soccer mom, or somebody that dreams of just getting healthy, we believe that there is an athlete in all of us.  So why not treat our body as such?

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Dr. Collier is a Chesterfield chiropractor that utilizes a customized approach that is designed for not only what the patient needs, but what the patient WANTS.  Struggling to play with your kids because of knee pain?  We can help.  Unable to improve your golf game because stiff hips? We can help.  Wanting to start a fitness journey but you aren’t sure of where to start?  We can help!  Our question to you, are you a Ford Escort or a Ferrari?  It's OK to dream big and optimize your body for everything that life throws at it.  Let us help guide you to the Ferrari version of YOU so that you can enjoy the things that YOU love.  Why settle for average, when you can be Elite?


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Functional Rehab and Exercise in Chesterfield, MO

Check out our extensive exercise library on Youtube!  Our channel consists of exercises and stretches to help strengthen muscles, alleviate pain, and decrease tightness.

Don't Just Feel Better, LIVE BETTER!

Our Advantages

We treat patients of all types by using a unique blend of treatment and exercise based services to not only decrease pain but optimize performance in life and in sport.

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In addition to the general population, we specialize in the evaluation, treatment, and enhancement of golfers.  When a golfer comes in with low back pain, we not only assess the low back, but the body as a whole.  We analyze your swing using video software to correlate the moving parts to the person's low back pain.  Once out of pain, an individualized fitness and strength and conditioning routine can be implemented.  Elite Chiropractic and Performance has established relationships with local medical providers, fitness professionals, and golf professionals in order to build an efficient team for the serious and casual golfer alike.  Click here to learn more!


We are proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive services to meet the needs of athletes, weekend warriors, and active individuals of all types. Our clinic specializes in relieving pain and optimizing function and performance so that we can be at our absolute best.

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Chesterfield Chiropractor with Local Roots

Dr. Chris Collier is a Chesterfield chiropractor that was born and raised in the area.  He believes in a comprehensive approach so that his patients can understand WHY they have discomfort in the first place.  By equipping the patient with an understanding of movement and exercise, they can help "fix" themselves when/if their pain returns.  He does not believe in lengthy treatment plans and believes that the ultimate success is when the pain or injury never returns.

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Dr. Chris Collier, DC, CSCS

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