Our Vision

To be a health care provider that effectively bridges the gap between pain, rehabilitation, and performance.  By utilizing a diverse and expanded skill set, Elite Chiropractic and Performance strives to be an all in one clinic for the active individual.

Our Philosophy

At Elite Chiropractic and Performance we strive to combine quality healthcare with innovative fitness and strength and conditioning protocols to give the patient/client unparalleled results.  By combining chiropractic treatments, various soft tissue treatments, and functional rehabilitation, Elite Chiropractic and Performance not only addresses the patient's complaint but works to correct the true underlying cause of the issue.   Once patients are feeling better, a shift to a performance regimen is recommended in order to improve their overall function and to limit the chance of future injury.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping our patients achieve their lifelong pursuit of health, fitness, and well-being.


High Quality Patient Care

Comprehensive assessment and analysis combined with proven treatments to get results.

Patient Education

We'll provide informative articles, blog posts, and videos to help the patient understand their condition.

Professional Network

We are proud to work with other local providers to offer a team approach to our patient's well-being.