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5 Star Service
  • 5 star review  Dr. Chris Collier treated me for only a few weeks for my shoulder pain and arm weakness. I noticed a difference after the first time, although it will be a process to fix the problem, I am much better in just a few weeks. He was awesome to work with and has a great personality and very knowledgeable.

    thumb Jean Aguda Meyer

    5 star review  Dr Chris is amazing!! I had the chance to not only get treated by him but to also work with him before he opened his own practice! I love how he incorporates rehab and exercises into his treatment and his knowledge of the human body and how it moves is immense! He has helped me with so many issues....headaches, jaw issues, and my neck being the main ones! Cant wait to be a patient of his again one day!!

    thumb Natalie Fallert

    positive review  Chris is one of the best doctors I have ever been to. He didn't just crack my back and send me on my way. He took the time to ask questions and evaluate what was going on so he could address my issue. His goal is to get you better, not keep you coming in with the same issues. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Chris and Elite Chiropractic and Performance!

    thumb Ashley Meyer Faris

    positive review  I went to see Chris Elite Chiropractic and Performance after a referral from a friend. I had an excruciating pain in my lower back whenever I made certain movements. Chris was thorough and explained the entire process along the way. He came up with a stretching regiment to target the problem area(s). With in a few weeks, the pain was completely relieved and I was left with exercises to continue to help my flexibility. Unlike some doctors or medical professionals who insist you continue to see them on an ongoing basis, I was given frequent appointments when needed, and treatments ended once they were no longer needed, but not without an open offer of support should I need any additional advice or further treatments.

    thumb Jason Jaypoc Bauman

    positive review  De. Chris Collier is NOT your average chiropractor. I had plasma therapy in early May and the doctor sent me to see him. I barely walked into the office that day in late May, and now I am not having near the debilitating pain of movement. I can go upstairs normally and can ride my bike again. He does adjustment, but more importantly spends time showing you exercises that strengthens your core. He has taught me the value of the right kind and type of exercises to use and describes why they are necessary. I’m not 100%, but my quality of life has been increased immensely. I highly recommend him, but also recommend faithful use of the exercises he recommends.

    thumb Janet Sue Kellerman

    5 star review  I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Chris in Columbia as well as being a patient. I have watched him grow personally and professionally throughout the past four years. He is patient and always takes time to educate his patients so they will have the best results. Dr. Chris has always addressed my back complaints and asked questions to understand the underlying issues. His adjustments have relieved the discomfort and irritation in my low back. Dr. Chris has also taken care of my children. I appreciate all he has done for my family and me. I know he will do great in St. Louis and we will miss him!

    thumb Patsy Alexander-Winn
  • positive review  Chris is great! He helped me. recover after an injury!

    thumb Kimberly Hannon

    5 star review  Dr. Chris is an amazing chiropractor. I have been seeing him for years, and he has tremendously helped my lower back pain and shoulder pain. As a student, constantly sitting and studying, my shoulders would become very tight and he was able to address this issue and relieve my discomfort. He truly gets to know his patients and makes you feel 100% better before leaving your appointment. We will miss him in Columbia, but know he will do great in St. Louis!

    thumb Briana Winn

    positive review  My body takes a beating, I am in the flooring trade. Most chiropractors that I have visited just want to come in and do what I call a pop and crack. I Googled Elite chiropractic because I am from out of state. I hurt my back the day before, visiting Elite was a excellent decision. The evaluation the energy and effort that he put in prior to making any type of adjustments or recommendations was outstanding. The questions ask, evaluation of how I hurt my back and what he felt it was going to take to relieve the pain and discomfort was tremendous. The methods and care that he took to correct my back was far above the old pop and crack mantality. I have been to many chiropractors in my life, most out of state because I travel to do the type of work that I do and I would say that Doctor Chris is by far the most proficient. His expertise puts him in an Elite Class above most chiropractors. Thank you for allowing a walk in person in discomfort the time and outstanding care. I would strongly recommend Elite Chiropractic. Wayne

    thumb Wayne Lee

    positive review  I recommend Dr. Chris with Elite Chiropractic and Performance. He takes the time to listen and make suggestions as well as works with you. I watched many youtube videos before I made an appointment and the idea of snap, crackle and popping my back and neck scared the tar out of me. He explained that there was WAY more to chiropractic than just that and I am feeling better after each visit. Thanks Dr Chris Collier - See you next week!

    thumb Rob Eaton

    5 star review  Love Dr. Chris's passion to help me and other patients get and stay better! He takes the time to make sure your issues are addressed!

    thumb Amanda Boss Collier

    5 star review  Dr. Chris was very helpful. I had "tennis elbow" and he treated it and have not had trouble since. I highly recommend him!!

    thumb Lori Kennedy Brockman
  • 5 star review  Chris has been very helpful ensuring that my body feels great and is ready for athletic performance at any level. As a golfer, I've noticed significant improvement in areas where I previously had pain as well as an increase in clubhead speed! I've definitely learned how to focus my time more appropriately on exercises that will make a difference in everyday life and in sport.

    thumb Bryan Bohme

    5 star review  Chris is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his work. He takes the time to ask questions and perform a thorough evaluation, and then address those issues in a systematic way. Every visit builds on the previous one, and I walk away each time with a new exercise to add to my home routine. If you forget how to do the exercise he has an extensive video library on YouTube to refresh your memory. His understanding of exercise science and the golf swing are incredible as well!

    thumb Mark Kendall

    5 star review  Chris is one of the best doctors I have been to. He takes the time to ask questions and figure out what the root of the issue is so he can address it appropriately. He doesn't just crack you and send you on your way. I can't say enough good things about Chris and Elite Chiropractic!

    thumb Ashley F
  • 5 star review  I was referred to Chris by a friend and I was very glad that I choose to visit him. He is not like many chiropractors. Those I have visited in the past would call you in, pop your back and send you on your way within a few minutes. Chris wanted to discuss my issues in detail to determine what exactly needs to be done to ensure he was providing the most proper treatment that was needed. Each visit it was obvious that Chris really does care for his patientsclients! It's good to know I have a reliable place to go to when need be!

    thumb Holly M

    5 star review  Chris is by far one of the best doctors in there area. I found him through a YouTube video related to an issue I was having and he helped me significantly. He doesn’t just crack and pop you. His main goal is to actually find the issue and fix it, which is different from a lot of chiropractors. Highly recommend this man!

    thumb Zach Koch

    5 star review  Chris is what you need in a chiropractor. He first evaluates your pain & symptoms. Next he works with you try and find the root cause of the issue. Then he has you try out various exercises, demonstrating them himself, to see if they help alleviate the pain and/or symptoms you are experiencing. The high majority of these can be performed at home, in my experience. Once, together, the solution is found he does not tell you to come back each week indefinitely. Chris wants the best for his clients and tells them he does not want them to come back indefinitely like most chiropractors do. I cannot express with words how thankful I am for being recommended to see Chris! He’s helped me fix knee pain that other doctors could not solve, wrist pain from working at a desk, and upper back pain. You will not be disappointed if you work with Chris on whatever you are experiencing!

    thumb Jeremy Falloon