What Is Functional Rehab?

At Elite Chiropractic and Performance, we apply functional rehab strategies for the whole kinetic chain instead of just where you hurt.  For example, many people have knee pain when they squat.  A functional approach consists of evaluating and treating not only the knee, but the surrounding joints as well.  In order to treat the knee pain, we may focus on improving ankle and hip mobility so that the knees take less of the impact.  By evaluating and treating the kinetic chain as a whole, sustained progress is more likely with a decreased chance of pain recurrence.

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)

DNS is an innovative approach that takes the concepts of the neurological development we go through as a baby and applies it to the adult population.  Using these concepts, DNS focuses on the proper movement of our arms and legs while simultaneously stabilizing our core and diaphragm.  Influenced by Pavel Kolar of the Prague School of Rehabilitation, DNS has been growing world wide and is used by many professional athletes including the St. Louis Cardinals.  DNS concepts can be applied to any activity and adds a great element of difficulty with even the simplest of tasks.

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DNS Functional Rehab

From Rehab to Performance

At Elite Chiropractic and Performance, we strongly believe that there is a significant gap in the transition from rehab based care to fitness and sport based activities. Many people get pain relief and return to their sport or activity just to have another injury happen all over again thus creating a nasty cycle of chronic injury.  By transitioning people out of functional rehab based care and into performance based treatment, we can drastically reduce the chance of re-injury and optimize the function of the human body.  We utilize concepts of strength and conditioning, DNS, and sport based activities to help individuals achieve their fitness related goals.  Performance based treatment can benefit everyone from athletes, weekend warriors, or even people looking just to make a positive change in their life. Ask us about how performance based services can be included into your treatment plan.