What Is That Colorful Tape?

Kinesiology taping is a popular trend in the athletic world for many muscular and joint issues.  However, anybody can benefit from its effects.  Kinsesiology tape, or K-Tape for short, is a highly stretchable and elastic tape that is applied to the skin.  Although the ultimate mechanism is still unclear, K-Tape's elastic properties pull the skin in a specific way that stimulates the nervous system.  K-Tape is used for many purposes such as pain relief, muscle activation, support, and lymphatic drainage (swelling).  When applied, the tape can stay on for several days even during showering and swimming.

Can You Benefit From K-Tape?

During your treatment plan we may recommend K-Tape to help with your condition.  You can purchase your own role of tape and bring it to your appointment to decrease cost if you see fit.  In addition, we can show you or a partner how to tape so that you can apply it at home.  K-Tape is a great option for patients needing extra pain relief before a big event or long couple of days.


Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound uses sound waves to stimulate tissue response in order to help with pain and inflammation.  Studies are unclear on the effectiveness of treatment but it has been a staple in physical therapy and chiropractic offices for years.  Ultrasound can be used with other modalities, such as EMS, to help alleviate discomfort.



Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Like ultrasound therapy, electrical muscle stimulation has been used for years in chiropractic and PT offices.  Also like ultrasound, the research behind its efficacy is limited.  The traditional thought was that EMS helped to "relax" muscles or break up adhesions.  We now know that this is not the case.  However, EMS has been shown to help with pain.  When applied, the electrical current essentially tricks your brain by distracting it from the painful sensations.  This is called the Gate-Control Theory and is a common explanation for many treatment types.  Once the current is turned off, the pain relief will diminish.  This is why a portable TENS unit is recommended so that the individual can use it throughout the day to help with their discomfort.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation